We guarantee our animals to arrive alive and healthy and guarantee the health of all animals for the following two weeks. If a dragon isn't eating, is acting 'funny' or you have questions or concerns please contact us immediately, and not a week later, small dragons can go downhill very fast. All guarantees are void if someone is not available to sign for/accept the animal(s) on the first delivery attempt. In the unlikely event your animal arrives dead, you must notify me within 2 hours for a full refund or replacement animal. Please note that we do not refund shipping charges or Paypal fees and all returned animals are shipped at your expense.


All sexing is probable and not guaranteed. We try to do our best but young dragons can be hard to accurately sex.


I can give you my opinion as to what I believe a dragon will look like when it grows up as related to past experience, but I can not guarantee its color, size, temperament, etc. There are far to many parameters involved to determine this by simply looking at a Bearded Dragon. I can tell you what the parents are like, what other siblings have turned out like, but no one can predict the outcome of an individual animal. I cannot guarantee that translucents eyes will turn solid black.


All lengths listed are approximate.

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